Quiz: What Type of Tea Should You Drink?


Deciding what tea you should drink can be difficult, but like everything else now, there’s a Buzzfeed quiz to help you make that  choice.

The quiz, called What Kind of Tea is Perfect for You?, selects the type of tea you should drink based on your personality and lifestyle choices.

I know, I know, posting about a quiz makes me look like that distant second cousin of yours on Facebook. You know, the one who’s always posting her results from inane quizzes, like What Kind of Cookie Are You and What Disney Ride Are You (I’m Space Mountain).

But I think this quiz is actually pretty good because the result I got is one of my favorite teas: Earl Grey.

After you finish the quiz, it gives you some information on your perfect tea and a funny blurb on your personality. As an Earl Grey drinker, apparently I am “beautiful, well-dressed, and confident” and have an inherent sense of style. Not too shabby.

My one caveat to the quiz, though, is that you can’t base what tea you drink on personality alone. You may get a result of green tea and hate it. Taste will always be the most important factor.

Now, take the quiz, tell me what results you get, and then go buy that tea (or else).


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