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Gift Idea: Make Your Own Tea Bags

A few weeks ago, I wrote in length about the “tea-bate” between tea bags and loose-leaf tea. I ultimately decided loose-leaf is better because of the taste, but you can’t beat the convenience of tea bags.

Weirdly enough, I had never considered a third option until last week when I was doing my usual traveling around the Internet:  make your own tea bags using loose-leaf tea.

DIY tea bags…of course.

It seemed so obvious after I realized it, but I had never really thought of it before.

For tea drinkers like me, who love loose-leaf but are incredibly lazy, this could be a game changer. I have all the tools contraptions to brew loose-leaf tea, which I’ve discussed in a previous post, but I often drink so much tea that I run out of them in a matter of days.

Homemade tea bags could also serve as a great gift idea. If you’re giving your tea-drinking friend loose-leaf this season, create a more personal touch with them.

I got the idea from Nellie Bellie, a blog that has a tutorial for coffee-filter tea bags. Directions and an instructional video are located here. Basically, all you have to do is cut a coffee filter into a square, put tea in, fold it, and staple a string to it. Voila! You have your very own tea bag.

Here are the results of my crafting experiments:

Chai Tea Chick; DIY tea bags

I used an undyed coffee filter from Publix (which is better for the environment than regular tea bags) and filled it with my delicious new Cochin Masala Chai. I also added a paper label at the end of the string, which is a great way to give the tea bag extra flair.

Making the tea bags is very easy, but the real question is whether it actually works.

The verdict?

Chai Tea Chick; DIY tea bags

Yes, the DIY tea bag makes a perfectly delightful cup of tea. This may finally solve the great tea-bate, which has torn many a family and nation apart, and bring peace to the realm.